Maharishi School, Reservoir – A Place Where Students Enjoy & Accomplish More

Maharishi School, Reservoir – A Place Where Students Enjoy & Accomplish More

Maharishi School allows students to enjoy effortless and fulfilling learning in a harmonious and nurturing environment. It was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1996.

Maharishi-school-2016-125-1‘I like the welcoming feeling of the classroom – it makes you more relaxed and less pressured. The calmness of the room helps you focus better. Maharishi School makes new kids always feel respected and they have friends. Doing our Word of Wisdom helps us be more balanced so we are calm and listen to what the teacher is saying and leave the school feeling fulfilled and happy’.
– Year 4 student 2015

Most adults will remember sitting in a classroom watching the time pass ever so slowly as they wait to be dismissed for lunch or at the end of the day. Maybe they also remember feigning an illness in order to have a day or maybe more away from school.

At Maharishi School, the teacher’s instruction to pack up at the end of a lesson is often greeted by students’ surprise that the time has passed so quickly and a plea to be allowed to complete a story or another maths question. Parents repeatedly tell us that their children plead with them to be allowed to go to school even when they are not well enough and that many would love to come to school on weekends as well.

How does Maharishi School foster such enthusiasm for school and love of learning?

Maharishi School in Reservoir, as an internationally accredited provider of Consciousness-Based Education, recognises three aspects of education – the knower, student; the known, the curriculum; and the process of knowing which connects the student and the curriculum. All three are supported and nourished by the application of the principles and components of Consciousness-Based Education.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 3.46.56 PMComplete Knowledge – Consciousness-Based Education recognises that the education process has a three-fold structure:

knower, the student
known, the curriculum that the student studies
process of knowing, which connects the knower with the known

All three aspects of education must be fully developed in order for knowledge to be complete, and for life to be lived in completeness.

The Knower or Student

MsaelogoThe logo on the school uniform contains the expression ‘Knowledge is structured in consciousness’. We know it is necessary to be awake or conscious to receive an education. The value we receive from an educational process depends on our level of wakefulness, awareness, alertness, attention, vigilance and focus. A tired, drowsy student will gain little from even the most brilliant teacher with state of the art resources. A fresh, wide awake student is fully receptive and a delight to any educator.

It is important for success in the field of education that the whole student is nourished. The programs available in Consciousness-Based Education promote the full development of individual students – body, senses, mind, intellect, feelings and the Self – and hence foster an environment conducive to maximum progress.

BODY – A healthy, well rested physiology allows the student to gain maximum from the school day. The Transcendental Meditation technique, by providing a profound level of rest, gives the student increased energy and better ability to focus attention. The recommendations of Maharishi Ayurveda assist in promoting and maintaining physiological balance. Maharishi School’s physical exercise program is based on Maharishi Ayurveda guidelines so that exercise does not create stress or strain but supports wellbeing.

SENSES – The senses are the means of gaining knowledge that comes from the outside. Through the twice a day practice of Transcendental Meditation the senses are refined so we see the world more clearly. Students understand that ‘the world is as we are’ and that cleaning the windows of perception improves receptivity.

Maharishi-school-2016-022MIND – The mind is the storehouse of impressions – it is the reservoir of knowledge. Brain research shows that Transcendental Meditation results in an experience of ‘restful alertness’ which strengthens communication between the brain’s prefrontal cortex and different areas of the brain. Transcendental Meditation develops total brain functioning and as a result, the meditating student displays stronger executive functions, with more purposeful thinking and more effective and farsighted decision-making.

INTELLECT – The practice of Transcendental Meditation promotes growth of the intellect – growth in the spontaneous ability to attune one’s individual intelligence with pure intelligence so that comprehension becomes unbounded and thoughts and actions are always progressive and evolutionary.

FEELINGS – Maharishi School in Reservoir, Melbourne cultivates in students feelings of kindness, respect and compassion. The fine feeling level of the student is nourished through interaction with teachers, administrators and peers that is naturally uplifting. Behavioural recommendations such as ‘speak the sweet truth’, that are part of Maharishi Ayurveda, are simple, effortless ways whereby we can have a nourishing effect for ourselves, our families, our friends and our whole world.

THE SELF – When we connect what we teach to the Self, we are putting the students’ attention on their full potential. Students come to appreciate that all streams of knowledge are modes of their own intelligence.

Through Consciousness-Based Education Maharishi School is able to –
• develop total brain physiology, thereby unfolding the full potential of every student, allowing them to enjoy and accomplish more.
• promote growth in health, happiness and success towards higher states of consciousness.
• culture in the students the profound concept: ‘The world is my family’; and to appreciate, uphold and understand that all cultures, races and genders have the same infinite potential for creativity, happiness and success in life.
• provide the systematic means to develop the students’ intelligence, creativity, receptivity to knowledge, self-sufficiency and ability to comprehend, both broadly and deeply.

The Known, the curriculum that the students study

When the awareness or consciousness of student is unfolded through Consciousness-Based Education then they are ready to gain maximum from their school day. Our curriculum which is outlined on the website and in the Student Handbook adopts the contemporary Victorian Curriculum, enriching it with the addition of the study of 16 principles of creative intelligence. These principles are laws of nature that uphold orderly growth and progress in the student’s life, in nature and in the world around the student. These principles allow the students to connect all fields of knowledge and make learning more relevant to the students’ lives. They enliven in students the understanding that there is something deep within everything – life is much more than what we see on the surface.

Process of Knowing

Maharishi School appreciates that gaining knowledge involves the following processes:

PERCEIVING – Students are encouraged to use all senses to gain a rich experience. A wide variety of experiences are provided so that all senses are ignited in the act of gaining a meaningful education.

THINKING – The practice of Transcendental Meditation enlivens the thinking process – developing the ability for broad comprehension and sharp focus simultaneously. Students at Maharishi School exhibit proficiency across the range of multiple intelligences as a result of developing the whole brain.

ANALYSING and SYNTHESISING – Growth of intelligence is reflected in the growing ability of students to understand, assimilate and express ideas in an organized meaningful way, discerning finer and finer parts in bigger and bigger wholes. With this growth students at Maharishi School are able to make increasingly fine distinctions within the context of increasingly comprehensive ideas and thereby continually expand their knowledge and organizing power.

INTUITING – The experience of the pure field of creative intelligence which is the field of all possibilities and solution to all problems, together with the nourishment of the fine feeling level cultivates in the students at Maharishi School the ability to tap into their inner unbounded creative resources.

INTEGRATING – Knower and known come together through the process of knowing. Whatever we teach should be useful for evolution and connected to the inner reality of life – the Self.

Student Reflections

maharishi school kidsWith this approach to learning it is not surprising that young students can display profound insights into the process of gaining knowledge as illustrated below.

‘My favourite activity is poetry. I enjoy poetry because it flows into my mind in a special way and its special calmness soothes me so that it’s like I’m in a deep, deep, deep sleep’.
~ Year 3 student 2014

‘I like the tightness and intenseness of maths. I like how the endless numbers flow; they sit on the page like pieces of a puzzle. I understand the patterns and flow the numbers take – how one number moves into another’.
~Year 3 Student 2014


My mind is a garden; it is beautiful; it is free
And all the plants are my ideas whispering to me
There is a swirly whirlpool that spins really fast
And to me that whirling pool is the memories of my past

~Year 4 student 2015

My mind is a place that floats on a cloud
It is not quiet and it is not loud
I am the waves of the ocean
I tumble and twirl, full of emotion
Then I am calm, a leaf gently flowing
The world is happy and it is glowing
I am independent and I am growing

~Year 4 student 2015


Teachers are drawn to teaching for many reasons but most would have a common aspiration to improve the quality of life of students by providing for their mental, physical, emotional and social growth and wellbeing. Teaching at Maharishi School brings fulfilment to these aspirations as teachers witness on a daily basis the joy students express as they grow in happiness, health, creativity, intelligence and wisdom.

For me the goal and daily experience of teaching at Maharishi School is conveyed beautifully in the following quote –

MMY_no_background-600px-300x300‘The impulse of thought of the teacher and the impulse of thought of the student are no longer strangers. Whatever meaning is contained in what the teacher says is received without distortion by the student, because the basis of the teacher’s thought, that abstract value of pure intelligence, is lively in the student’s awareness. Knowledge becomes a delightful exchange of friendly waves of life.’ ~Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Teaching is a most rewarding profession when Consciousness-Based Education is implemented. Each day brings great delight to me as I see teachers, who are full of enthusiasm for their chosen profession, joyfully guiding their students. In response, students are eager to come to school, respectful and kind to those around them, completely engaged in the learning activities, and progressing beautifully in all aspects of life.
Maharishi School
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