Ellen Degeneres shares her experience with Transcendental Meditation

“There’s something about Transcendental Meditation. It’s the only time I ever had that stillness. I love it.”

In this talk given at a recent gala for the David Lynch Foundation Ellen talks about her experience with TM and why she’s so fond of it.

True meditation is easy

When people think about meditation today, they think about controlling the mind, usually through some force of concentration. This feels unnatural for the mind and is usually not enjoyable to do. It requires a lot of disciplined practise, and has actually been proven to be largely ineffective.

The Transcendental Meditation technique uses the nature of the mind, rather than going against it. It is the rediscovery of an ancient technique that uses an instinctive desire from the mind to naturally go to a deep state of complete inner silence. For the mind this state is like coming home, and it instinctively knows how to go there, if we only allow it. When the right technique is used, anyone can meditate, it is easy and enjoyable to do, and is extremely effective.

Over 6 million TM practicioners and 600 TM researches performed over the past 40 years have confirmed that only when the mind “transcends” the finest stages of thought and experiences that true inner silence, the true benefits of meditation will become apparent.

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