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    Advanced Course of TM

    The Transcendental Meditation technique and all its advanced programs have their source in the oldest tradition of knowledge on earth – the Vedic Tradition of ancient India. In reintroducing these time-honoured programs and techniques to the world, Maharishi took care to ensure that they would always be offered in their original purity and effectiveness. Maharishi selected the most experienced Vedic experts and provided them with additional training and expertise in accelerating the development of human consciousness.


    "The purpose of Advanced Techniques is to take the experience to another, higher level. Advanced Techniques are like fertilizers; fertilizers bring better fruit to every tree. To enjoy greater achievement and fulfilment in life, take advantage of this beautiful program of Advanced Techniques to enrich the development of higher states of consciousness." – Maharishi

    Enrich your meditation Experience

    Advanced Techniques of the TM program enhance and enrich the benefits of one’s daily practise of the TM technique. Through the Advanced Techniques, we enhance our ability to experience finer levels of thought, refine our perception and deepen our experience of pure consciousness to increase success in all areas of life.

    The Program for Advanced Techniques

    Four Advanced Techniques are offered in a sequence developed by Maharishi and work to accelerate the growth of higher states of consciousness. Advanced Techniques can be learned after 2-4 months of regular practise of TM. Completing the four Advanced Techniques is a prerequisite for learning the TM-Sidhi program.

    The TM-Sidhi Program

    The TM-Sidhi program cultures the ability to think and act from that profound level of inner silence so that all our thoughts and actions are maximally powerful and effective. Practising the TM-Sidhi program optimises specific channels of mind-body coordination from this deepest level of consciousness. The most powerful aspect of this program is the Yogic Flying® technique. During the practise of the Yogic Flying technique, brainwave synchrony is maximized as the body spontaneously springs forward in a series of short hops. Internally, the meditator experiences an upsurge of energy, exhilaration, bliss, expanded awareness and lightness.

    Research on the TM-Sidhi program confirms a wide range of benefits including improved neurophysiological functioning, improved cognitive and perceptual abilities, greater mental and physical health and increased vitality and longevity.

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